Limited Lifetime Warranty

Only one thing equals our commitment to the innovation and development of original, unique, high-performance firearms – and that’s our commitment to you, our customers.

Your satisfaction is why we provide you with a lifetime warranty on all of our firearms, not just a short, one or two-year warranty. We design, engineer, craft and build quality firearms and we stand behind them, pure and simple.

That’s why, along with your lifetime warranty, comes best-in-class customer service, whether you have a question or are experiencing a problem. We treat every customer as if you’re our only customer and every weapon as if it were our own, examining every facet of it before returning it to you so that you can be sure it’s performing as it should.

Warranty FAQ

How do I know if my KelTec firearm is under warranty?

If you are the original owner, and can provide a valid proof of purchase, your KelTec firearm is covered under the limited lifetime warranty.*

The following is acceptable as a valid proof of purchase: The receipt that was provided by the store where it was purchased, or the ATF form 4473.

If you have lost the proof of purchase, sometimes the store where the firearm was purchased can provide a copy.

*Some limitations apply. Please reference the back of your firearm manual for specifics on your limited lifetime warranty.

Do I need to register my KelTec for warranty?

No. If you are the original owner and need warranty service we only require that you provide a copy of your original purchase receipt or form 4473.

Non-Warranty Repair Service

There will be a cost for any firearm that is not under warranty.

This cost will include:

  • Labor
  • Part(s)
  • Return Shipping

Do not include money, credit/debit card info, or checks inside package with firearm as you will be notified by customer service for any charges before the firearm is repaired.