PMR Threaded Barrel with Muzzle Brake


Kel-Tec has made several revision updates that pertain to the upper assembly of the PMR30 as well as the threaded barrel. Due to this variation of components, we require the threaded barrel be installed by Kel-Tec’s factory gunsmiths in order to ensure the proper function and performance of your pistol. Simply ship your pistol to our warranty facility with instructions to install a threaded barrel and we will contact you for payment information when it’s ready!

The PMR30 Threaded Barrel with Muzzle Brake is exactly that. The threaded barrel replaces the stock barrel on the PMR30 and the PMR30 Muzzle brake helps reduce muzzle rise allowing for easier follow up shots.

Due to the unique locking action of the PMR30 pistol and the lightweight slide and barrel, the use of a suppressor is not recommended as it will cause an increase in gas volume and pressure and the slide will likely unlock early. This will cause an increase in gases and residue that is ejected back towards the shooters face and could also cause a case rupture to occur. Any damage or injuries caused by the use of a suppressor or other heavy weight muzzle device attached to the PMR30 pistol will not be covered by any Warranty.

The thread pattern on the PMR30 threaded barrel is 3/8” x 24
The length of the barrel is 5″ and with the muzzle brake it is 5 5/8″


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