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PMR-30 & CMR-30 – How to Load the Magazines

How to load PMR-30 and CMR-30 magazines with 30 rounds and without encountering “rim-lock”.

PMR-30 Field Strip

How to field strip the PMR-30.

PF-9 Grip Change

This video demonstrates how to change out the grip of a PF-9.

PF-9 +1 Magazine Extension Installation

This video demonstrates how to install the +! extension to your PF-9 magazine.

PF-9 Reassemble

How to reassemble the PF-9.

PF-9 Field Strip

How to field strip the PF-9.

SUB-2000 Mag Catch Guide

The SUB-2000 Multi-Mag has the ability to use a wide range of common pistol magazines. The key to unlocking this potential is in the magazine catch (mag catch). By simply replacing the current mag catch, with the mag catch of your choice, you can easily configure your SUB-2000 to accept different magazines. For example, a Beretta brand of magazine, to a Smith & Wesson brand of magazine. There are many mag catches available and we’ve made a guide to make it easy for you to decide what you need. Just click the link below to view or download it.

SUB-2000 Mag Catch Guide

SUB-2000 Grip Configurations and Comparisons

The SUB-2000 can accommodate a wide range of pistol magazines so it can be confusing at first which model of SUB-2000 to purchase for your needs. This previewable and downloadable grip guide makes it easy! Just follow the link below to view/download.

SUB-2000 Grip Guide

SUB-2000 Hammer Reset

This video demonstrates how to reset the hammer in the SUB-2000 in the event that the hammer was dropped accidentally during field stripping.

SUB-2000 Reassembly

This video demonstrates how to reassemble your SUB-2000.

SUB-2000 Field Strip

How to field strip the SUB-2000.

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