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Technical specs

Model: D9 D12
Weight unloaded: 3.7lbs 1.73kg
Weight loaded with 30 rounds: 4.7lbs 2.18kg
Length Open: 29.9" 823mm
Length Closed: 19.9" 569mm
Barrel length: 9.2" 297mm
Sight Radius: 12.5"
Muzzle Velocity (M855/SS109): 2500 fps 2650 fps
Magazines Standard M-16: 20 or 30
Safety: Ambidextrous push bolt
MSRP $900.00


The SU-16D is currently available in two models D9 and D12. The SU-16D12 has a longer barrel for higher velocity and can also accept a standard M-9 bayonet, or more appropriately, Kel-Tec's light weight, folding bayonet. The SU-16D is a gas operated, semi-automatic rifle in 5.56 mm NATO caliber. The barrel and chamber are chrome lined. All steel components are Parkerized. The "Delta" model rifles are intended as a personal weapon for non-infantry military personnel, special operations, SWAT law enforcement, and civilians in high risk environments. The SU-16D is especially suited for low intensity urban combat, such as ambush response from inside a vehicle, or fighting in confined spaces. The concept of replacing the pistol with a carbine in military units is not new. The intermediate power 5.56 mm round and modern polymer materials make it possible to achieve a weapon of a size and weight only marginally larger than a Sub Machine Gun. The SU-16D9 is less than 20" folded, weighs 4.7 lbs loaded with 30 rounds and has a practical range of over 150m.


The SU-16D has a conventional, long-stroke gas-piston operation and utilizes the proven Johnson/Stoner breech locking system. It is compatible with standard AR-15/M-16 magazines. The reciprocating bolt handle also functions as a case deflector. The rear sight is zeroed at 50 m and adjustable for windage. The front sight is of AR-15/M-16 type. Two integrated Picatinny rails will accept a multitude of standard accessories. Except for barrel, sights, and operating components, the SU-16 is made entirely of high impact, glass fiber reinforced polymer.