Hello from Kel-Tec!

We wanted to take a minute to update all of our Kel-Tec customers about what we term "second owner responsibilities" in regards to our lifetime warranty. Since the founding of Kel-Tec we've always had a lifetime warranty that technically applied to original owners only. We have never actually enforced this rule and would accept all Kel-Tec weapons under this lifetime warranty regardless of ownership.

As the years pass and more and more Kel-Tec weapons enter circulation, the cost of offering a blanket lifetime warranty increases drastically. To stave off some of these costs, we have officially decided to enforce our lifetime warranty, which applies only to the original owner of the firearm.

That said, all Kel-Tec owners may still enjoy great service, however if you are not the original owner we will ask that shipping be paid in addition to a flat $40.00 labor fee. Depending on the severity of the repair we may need to charge for parts as well. This applies only to those who are NOT the original owner of their weapon.

As a courtesy we have decided to grandfather those who have already been through the repair system as original owners. So if your weapon has already been in to us prior to this implementation, we will still treat you as the original owner even if you are not.

In order to prove original ownership we will need a copy of the bill of sale in the owner's name, or a copy of the form 4473 that was filled out with the firearm when it is sent in. Indication of the date of purchase must be included. If you have trouble obtaining these items, please call in to our customer service and we will see what can be done to help you.

As yet another courtesy, we may be able to reimburse up to $35.00 of shipping charges IF the difficulty can be duplicated by Kel-Tec (be sure you aren't limp-wristing before sending your weapon in) and the following criteria are met:

Shipping refund requests must be provided in writing, along with a copy of the original shipping receipt, and must accompany both the firearm and the bill of sale at the time of service. The firearm must meet Kel-Tec's criteria and be approved by the servicing gunsmith before eligibility will be considered.

Additionally, most FFL holders or licensed gunsmiths can ship a firearm back to the manufacturer via a US Mail one rate box for significantly less than a civilian can. We highly suggest going that route for sending weapons in as it is the least cost prohibitive.

If you have any questions please call our customer service at 321-631-0068 or 1-800-515-9983.