Hello from Kel-Tec!


Our web developer Blue Fountain Media has assured us the site has been cleaned this week. We definitely see the recent posts about people getting a virus, so I would like some follow-up. If you know for a FACT you received this virus after 3/14/2012 (not just think you did) please contact csmanager@kel-tec-cnc.com with the browser you were using, what pages you clicked on, an exact time and day you got the virus (or as close as possible), what kind of virus, what did it do, and any other information you can give, that would help us greatly.

We apologize for any headaches this has caused. It has certainly caused us as much if not more headaches. The trouble is that we can't seem to find any issues when we go to the site here. We literally try to infect ourselves with the virus and come up completely clean. We even have a laptop that has absolutely no AV and still can't seem to infect the computer. The large majority of people don't seem to have issues when accessing the site either. 

So please, if you are still experiencing issues, contact csmanager@kel-tec-cnc.com with the information requested above.