Hello from Kel-Tec!


We realize we sound like a broken record at this point, however, in light of continuing issues with our site, our developers once again went back to the drawing board and have returned confident that the virus issue is a thing of the past.


EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: This goes for anyone who may have accessed our site during the last couple of months.


Please delete ALL temporary internet files, cookies, browser data, cache, etc. from all browsers that have accessed the site.  They are confident our site is clean, however some users may have downloaded infected temporary files that could be referenced by their PCs when accessing our site, re-infecting the computer.  To ensure this does not happen please use the Internet Options section of your browser to delete all temporary data that has been saved.


With that completed there should be no additional issues while browsing our site. 


If you have completely cleared your cache and still are experiencing issues, then we urge you to contact csmanager@kel-tec-cnc.com as soon as possible. 


For Chrome users this can be found under Settings -> Under the Hood -> Clear Browsing Data

For Firefox users this can be found under Options -> Advanced -> Network -> "Clear Now" (under Offline Storage section)

For IE users this can be found under Internet Options -> "Delete..." (on main General tab under the Browsing History section)


We apologize for those that had experienced these issues and we hope this issue is behind us.


Warm regards,


KT Team