Hello again from Kel-Tec!  We felt it necessary to give another status update on the PMR-30 for those who have been waiting very patiently.


As you probably have read from our previous statements, the PMR-30 has had some speed bumps to hitting full production.  We finally had gotten everything up and running in full at the beginning of December, which unfortunately happened to lead right into our annual two week Holiday break.  During this break (from December 17-January 2), the factory is completely shut down so that all employees can spend time with their families.  This also means no shipments are sent, no mail received, no repairs received, no emails received, no phone calls received, no web-store orders processed or shipped, etc. until our return. 


Since our return on January 3 we have continued to produce the PMR-30, although there was a bit of set-up time when we first came back since the machines had been completely shut down for 2 weeks.  As it stands, the PMR-30 is shipping consistently and we expect it to ship regularly from now on.  We still have a very large back-order to work through so it will still be a little bit before they start to become readily available and easy to find. 


We apologize for the wait some customers have had to endure, it certainly isn't intentional.  We gain no benefit from not shipping products, although some distributors and dealers have seemed to have found ways to benefit from this.  As an added note, Kel-Tec does not engage in price gouging on any level.  All products shipped to distributors are sold at a flat rate that reflects the original MSRP.  That being said, we have no control over distributors or dealers in regards to their prices (I know the inflated prices have frustrated many looking to purchase), all we can provide is a suggested retail.  The rest is up to the discretion of the distributors and dealers selling them, and the customers purchasing them.