We've gotten a lot of emails and questions wondering just what is going on with production on the PMR-30. We said we would be at full production by now, yet no one can seem to find them!


Well the answer is that we definitely have hit full production on the PMR-30.  We can make enough parts for 500/week to ship consistently. 


There was a bit of a snag in the last couple of weeks that caused shipments to be less than this full production number.


We don’t heat treat everything in-house.  To heat treat on that large of a scale effectively requires equipment we don’t have, so we send them out to a local supplier.  We had received a large batch of our barrels back from heat treatment only to realize that they were not heat treated properly.  We will absolutely not ship firearms with a glaring issue like this, so we held off on sending them until they were corrected.  We realized that it would cause some animosity towards us, but we’d rather have that than a firearm that could have serious flaws. 


During the second trip back for heat treatment there was yet another snag of which we were not made immediately aware.  Apparently our heat treatment supplier’s machine had gone down, causing them to outsource the work to another local facility.  They did not inform us of this.  So we were waiting and waiting to receive barrels, which normally are a 1-week turn-around; 1-week came and passed and still no barrels.  Finally we got them back and were then informed of the fact they needed to be sent to another heat treatment facility.


This was about a 2.5week lull of not getting very many barrels.  Some of the barrels we received were heat treated properly, so we shipped what we could while waiting for our supplier to get back up and running. This was in the 130-150 range.


Their problem has since been corrected and now we’re getting back on track with our normal production schedule.  We have 1000s of PMR-30s waiting to ship that have no barrels.  We have about 300 completed pistols shipping this week, and have about 450 barrels out to heat treatment that we will receive next week.  After that things should continue to ship at the normal 500/week rate that we expected to have been shipping by this point.


We understand everyone’s frustration and sincerely apologize for the wait you’ve had to endure for this pistol.