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  • There has been a lot of discussion on just what the heck the hold up is on the PMR-30.  We have made a few statements on our Facebook page, but obviously that only addresses a small minority of our customers.


    The PMR-30 was originally debuted at the 2010 SHOT in January of 2010.  At that time we had several working prototypes, all of which were machined by hand one at a time.  At SHOT we estimated a Q2 release on the PMR-30.  This estimate was based on a variety of factors: lead time on material, tooling, operator's learning the parts, and post importantly the time it would take to translate the prototype design into full production programs.  We honestly felt that Q2 would be a fairly easy target.

    Sadly, we underestimated the time it would take for us to get the production programming in place to run the PMR-30 at 500/week.  Two months before our slated release, we saw that we most likely wouldn't get this pistol into full production by then.  This is when we had to make an executive decision.  We could either push back the release date until October/November, which we felt would anger and frustrate quite a lot of customers, or we could scramble and release the PMR-30 to the public in Q2 at limited production and just ship as many as we could until production finally got everything settled.


    Obviously we chose the latter.  This turned out to also spurn a lot of negativity as we certainly looked like liars for not getting the PMR-30 out on time, and also created a lot of frustration as PMR-30s were being shipped in small quantities, some of which showed up on places like gunbroker.com.  This made it seem like the PMR-30 was available and at the same time impossible to get, which I suppose isn't too far from the truth. 


    We take completely responsibility for the PMR-30 not being as available as we wanted it to be, but it was either let a few people get them, or let no one get them.  We are still evaluating whether or not we made the right choice.


    Since that July release, we've slowly increased production from about 25/week to 150-250/week.  It is still not at the quantities we need them to be, but that will come with time.  In an ideal world we would have set the release at the end of October/early November and all of the production work going on would be done behind closed doors so to speak.  We are reaping what we sowed, but are confident in our PMR-30 and production is confident we will be seeing full production numbers by that late October/early November time frame.  We're already half-way there!


    It should also be noted that the limited production is in no way related to any functional problems with the firearm and more based on efficient CNC programming to machine enough parts to create 500 PMR-30s every week in addition to the rest of our product line.  It's a kind of balancing act.


    We sincerely apologize for everyone who has been patient with us so far.  We definitely understand the frustration and experience it just as much.  We gain no benefit from keeping our customers from getting our products, so rest assured that we are doing everything in our power to get these great pistols to you!


    All future product releases will reflect what we've learned through the PMR-30 release.




    • NEW WEBSITE:  As you can plainly see, the Kel-Tec website has gone through yet another update.  We feel this current site is a better representation of where Kel-Tec wants to be.  The site IS new, so there may be some kinks here and there.  We will be fixing any errors that we come across.  No matter how many times you read through something, there's always something that gets missed unless a fresh pair of eyes are used.  If you see any glaring issues with the site, please send us an email through the Contact page and we will work to remedy it promptly.
    • The PMR-30 was announced to be completed at the end of this quarter.  We were running a little behind schedule and did our best to get as close as possible to our announced date.  Our tardiness, has spurned some negativity, but for the most part our customers were very understanding and are waiting patiently while we get this amazingly fun pistol out the door and into their hands.
    • NEW GEAR: We have new gear available for purchase at our webstore.  The includes the Kel-Tec Shooting Combo Pack, standalone shooting glasses, and Kel-Tec RFB shirt.
    • NEW ACCESSORY: The P-3AT 9rnd magazine is now available for purchase from the webstore or via telephone.
    • Kel-Tec is very excited to announce that next quarter should see our 1,000,000th firearm shipped.  This is a huge milestone considering the humble beginnings of this small factory, painstakingly churning out P-11s.


    • This year’s SHOT show went off without a hitch. Located at the Sands Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, SHOT saw thousands of manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. Our new PMR-30 generated a good amount of buzz at the convention. This year also marked the last year for using our current SHOT tradeshow exhibit. Look forward to seeing a new tradeshow display in 2011!
    • The PMR-30 is on track for its Q2 release.
    • Kel-Tec CNC now has a Facebook page and YouTube channel. Check them out at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kel-Tec/376139184639?ref=ts and http://www.youtube.com/user/KelTecWeapons
    • IN DEVELOPMENT: Click adjustable "D-model" rear sights which will be available to purchase from the web-store as an accessory.
    • NEW ACCESORY: RFB under-forend picatinny rails will be available on the web-store in April.
    • RFB production batches still not at full quantities due to power limitations. Working with FPL to increase electrical capacity to utilize new CNC machines to bring RFB into full production numbers.




    • NEW PRODUCT: This quarter we’ve finished the PMR-30, a pistol chambered for the .22magnum round. Info on the new pistol can be found here.
    • The new 12,500sq-ft building is complete and already almost filled. We’ve cleared enough room in our main factory to move and install the new CNC machines that will be used mainly for RFB production.
    • In addition to the new building, we’ve renovated one of our existing to add an additional 3000sq-ft for assembly and shipping. This should also help to streamline the production process.
    • Kel-Tec is now the owner of one of the few TIG Welding Robots in the great State of Florida.
    • November saw the IDGA Soldier, Equipment, and Technology Expo. We displayed our RFB and SU16Ds for those in the service. The show was held in Fort Bragg, NC and proved to be a very fun event.
    • We held our annual Employee Christmas Party at Medieval Times in Kissimmee this year. Everyone had a blast. Great food, great company, and knights fighting on horseback, what more could you ask for?
    • 2009 had a record sales volume for Kel-Tec, up 15% from 2008!
    • 2010 SHOT is right around the corner, we’ve been preparing for our week in Las Vegas during the beginning of the Q1 2010!



    • As you can tell, the website has been seeing many changes recently. We thank you for your patience as the site moves through many changes. The site is still currently in a transition stage, hopefully a more visually appealing one. There are still many changes that will be made in regards design, layout, colors, functionality, and so forth.
    • Kel-Tec has added a new, easier to remember URL: www.keltecweapons.com. Same site, different URL.
    • Construction of our new 12,500 sq-ft building is currently underway and scheduled to be completed early 4th quarter. This new facility will be used as a warehouse to free up space in the main factory for new CNC machines specifically for RFB production.
    • On the RFB note, heat treatment issues with the ejector chute are slowing down RFB production. Batches are still coming out, but not in full production quantities as of yet. We are working closely with our heat treaters to resolve the issue.
    • Kel-Tec and radio personality Michael Savage have teamed up for a new radio campaign to promote the 2nd Amendment. The Limited Edition Freedom P-3AT is available to the Savage Nation! For more information please visit www.freedom1791.com.
    • AAC's Silencer Shoot took place the weekend of 9/15. Kel-Tec showed off a suppressed RFB as well as the SU-16/PLR-16 and SU-16/SU-22 during the show.
    • NEW ACCESSORY: This quarter we have released a new accessory for the SUB-2000! Order the SUB-2000 Quad Rail here.
    • NEW FEATURE: Official Kel-Tec desktop wallpapers are now available here!
    • NEW GEAR: New Kel-Tec hats are for sale in the webstore!





  • Q2 for Kel-Tec has been quite busy and we have many good things to announce!

    • We are expecting to break ground in early Q3 on our new facility. This new building will mainly be used to store excess materials and make room for new CNC machines. It will also house our new R&D lab.
    • Three more Mazak Horizontal Machining Centers are slated to arrive early next quarter to be used mainly for the milling of RFB parts.
    • We are also attempting to expand our in-house barrel production due to the unpredictable nature of outside suppliers. This new expansion is expected to increase rifle production significantly.
    • RFB production is still in its early stages: rifles are being shipped every week but not in full production batch numbers as of yet.
    • The month of May saw the NDIA Joint Service Small Arms Symposium (www.ndia.org) in which Kel-Tec attended for the first time. We feel that the RFB made a good impression on those that attended the conference as well as those who test fired it at the Live Fire Demonstration (see pictures below).
    • Website updates are still being worked on as you can see and we are very hopeful that these changes will make the website more user-friendly as well as easier on the eyes. We thank you for your patience during this process!



  • We are happy to confirm that the RFB is in production and shipping to distributors (yes, it's true!). We are currently shipping small batches, however full-scale production will commence in the coming weeks! On a similar note, we have purchased three (3) new CNC machines specifically for RFB production.

    • 2 New Mazak PFH4800 Machining Centers
    • 1 Double Spindle El Dorado Gun Drill Kel-Tec will be expanding its facilities in order to adequately accommodate the new machines and materials required for RFB and future firearm production.
    • Even more exciting news! We are slowly (but surely) making much needed improvements to the website. The improvements will address both cosmetic and functional concerns. These changes will be gradual, so be patient while we try and give the site a facelift!