Just in time for the Holiday Season, Kel-Tec will be releasing some new stocking-stuffer accessories for the Kel-Tec shooter and fan.  Here’s an in-depth breakdown of some of the new accessories coming out. 


PF-9 +1 Grip Extension.  For our most popular firearm, the PF-9, we are set to release the PF-9-805, +1 Grip Extension, pictured below: 


PF-9 +1

  • The idea behind this accessory is to replace the PF-9 Magazine Base Plate with a two piece inter-locking grip extension, the PF-9-805. 
  • This “+1 Grip Extension” will increase the capacity of the PF-9 Magazine from seven rounds to eight rounds while simultaneously increasing the comfort of the grip for the shooter. 
  • The “+1 Grip Extension” will work on any existing PF-9 magazine and will be available in all standard colors Kel-Tec offers (black Zytel, Tan and OD Green Cerakote). 
  • The PF-9-805 will be sold as two different sets: 1) the PF-9-805, which will only include the two interlocking base plates (MSRP about $13.50 USD) and 2) the PF-9-808, which will be the two interlocking base plates already assembled on a seven round magazine, making an eight round magazine, (MSRP about $31.50 USD).
  • Release Date is October 24th, 2011.

RFB Picatinny Quad Rail.  Yep, it’s finally coming out, The RFB-420-QUAD RAIL SHORT, pictured below.


RFB Quad Rail

  • This Quad Rail will accept any accessories which mount with a standard MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny Rail attachment.
  • The Quad Rail is made from hard coat anodized 6061-T6 aluminum and is approximately three inches long.
  • The two scalloped cut-outs on the top of the Picatinny are to allow the shooter freedom to adjust the gas system if need be and allow the ejected casings to leave the ejection port.  The shooter should take caution with which accessories to mount on the left hand side of the weapon since this could block the ejection port.
  • MSRP of about $45 USD.
  • Release Date is October 24th, 2011.

RFB Riser:  The RFB-750-Riser is designed to either be used with the RFB QUAD RAIL as shown in some of the pictures below or on the normal rail provided:


RFB Riser

  • This is designed to allow the shooter to lengthen their sight radius on the RFB rifle approximately five more inches when using the Riser and Quad Rail combination.
  • The RFB Riser is made out of hard coat anodized 6061-T6 aluminum, similar to the RFB Quad Rail.
  • The RFB Riser will be sold as a two different sets: 1) As an individual part (MSRP of about $20 USD), and 2) As a set with the RFB QUAD RAIL (MSRP of about $60 USD).
  • Release Date is October 24th, 2011.

RFB Tactical Operating Handle:


Based off of the same design as the standard Charging Handle, the Tactical Operating Handle is designed for easier access, pictured below:


RFB Tactical Operating Handle

  • This Tactical Operating Handling is approximately 100% longer, approximately 20% wider, and has a stronger, wider scallop cut-out compared to the original charging handle.  The combination of these allow for easier and smoother operation of the carrier channel during a high stress situation. 
  • The Tactical Operating Handle will be sold as one assembled set, so the shooter can simply change out Operating Handles for different situations. 
  • MSRP of about $25 USD.
  • Release Date of October 17th, 2011.

RFB Muzzle Brake:  The RFB Triple Baffle Muzzle Brake is designed to replace the existing Flash Hider which comes standard on the RFB Rifle. 


RFB Muzzle Brake

  • This Muzzle Brake is designed to lessen the horizontal recoil and the vertical muzzle lift of the RFB by approximately 50%, when compared to the standard Flash Hider. 
  • The combination of these two will allow the shooter to re-gain their sight alignment quicker for follow-up shots.
  • The Muzzle Brake is machined from 4140 steel and parkerized. 
  • MSRP of about $50 USD.
  • Release Date of October 17th, 2011.