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Apr 2012

Site Virus Update II

Hello from Kel-Tec!


We realize we sound like a broken record at this point, however, in light of continuing issues with our site, our developers once again went back to the drawing board and have returned confident that the virus issue is a thing of the past.


EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: This goes for anyone who may have accessed our site during the last couple of months.


Please delete ALL temporary internet files, cookies, browser data, cache, etc. from all browsers that have accessed the site.  They are confident our site is clean, however some users may have downloaded infected temporary files that could be referenced by their PCs when accessing our site, re-infecting the computer.  To ensure this does not happen please use the Internet Options section of your browser to delete all temporary data that has been saved.


With that completed there should be no additional issues while browsing our site. 


If you have completely cleared your cache and still are experiencing issues, then we urge you to contact csmanager@kel-tec-cnc.com as soon as possible. 


For Chrome users this can be found under Settings -> Under the Hood -> Clear Browsing Data

For Firefox users this can be found under Options -> Advanced -> Network -> "Clear Now" (under Offline Storage section)

For IE users this can be found under Internet Options -> "Delete..." (on main General tab under the Browsing History section)


We apologize for those that had experienced these issues and we hope this issue is behind us.


Warm regards,


KT Team


Mar 2012

Site Virus Update

Hello from Kel-Tec!


Our web developer Blue Fountain Media has assured us the site has been cleaned this week. We definitely see the recent posts about people getting a virus, so I would like some follow-up. If you know for a FACT you received this virus after 3/14/2012 (not just think you did) please contact csmanager@kel-tec-cnc.com with the browser you were using, what pages you clicked on, an exact time and day you got the virus (or as close as possible), what kind of virus, what did it do, and any other information you can give, that would help us greatly.

We apologize for any headaches this has caused. It has certainly caused us as much if not more headaches. The trouble is that we can't seem to find any issues when we go to the site here. We literally try to infect ourselves with the virus and come up completely clean. We even have a laptop that has absolutely no AV and still can't seem to infect the computer. The large majority of people don't seem to have issues when accessing the site either. 

So please, if you are still experiencing issues, contact csmanager@kel-tec-cnc.com with the information requested above.


Feb 2012

Website Virus

We would like to extend our sincerest apologies for the persistent virus that has been plaguing our site over the past couple of weeks. We were definitely aware of it and on multiple occasions were assured the site was free of any malware or viruses, only to find out that we once again were infected and had to start the process all over again.

We have worked tirelessly with our web developer Blue Fountain Media to clean the site line by line. At this point we are being told that we finally have taken care of the issue. The virus was clearly a malicious attack from the outside, designed simply to cause damage.

We apologize for any inconvenience this virus has caused those who fell victim to it and hope that the results of a nuisance hacker doesn't mar the name of Kel-Tec or the weapons we produce.

If anyone is still picking up any type of virus or malware, please contact us immediately with as much detail as possible regarding browser type, pages clicked, etc.

Again, our sincerest apologies go out to those who were directly affected by this.

KT Team


KelTec CNC, Inc., the maker of some of the most innovative and unique firearms available is pleased to announce their partnership with Student of the Gun.  Student of the Gun is a weekly television program hosted by veteran instructor and shooter Paul Markel.

“A student of the gun is not necessarily a beginner or a novice.” Markel relates, “Being a student of the gun represents a lifelong journey of education, experience, and enjoyment of the use of firearms.”   Student of the Gun will air on the Sportsman Channel the December 26th 2011.  Please check your local cable and satellite listing for the air dates and time. 

www.keltecweapons.com  www.studentofthegun.com    www.thesportsmanchannel.com 



NORWALK, CT (Dec. 12, 2011) -- Gun Tests Magazine has named the Kel-Tec PMR-30 22 WMR as the publication’s “Best in Class Pistol” for 2011.


The pistol joins a Ruger LCR wheelgun, an AR-style 300 Whisper from SSK Industries, a 12-gauge autoloading shotgun from Legacy Sports International, and a laser/light combo accessory from Crimson Trace as the magazine’s “Best in Class” 2011 honorees.

Every December, Gun Tests’ Editor Todd Woodard surveys the work of the magazine’s staff over the previous 12 months to select around 15 Guns of the Year (GOTY) choices. From those GOTY pistols, revolvers, rifles, shotguns, and accessories, the staff chooses the magazine’s “Best in Class” winners.


“Our accept-no-advertising policy gives us the freedom to choose guns that simply work well,” said Gun Tests Publisher Timothy H. Cole. “The ‘Best in Class’ winners exhibit the traits we prize — accuracy, reliability, tight fit and finish, handsome cosmetics, and value for the dollar.”


The exact test model was the Kel-Tec PMR-30 No. 408320267 22 WMR, originally reviewed in the November 2011 issue of Gun Tests.

Woodard said, “The PMR-30 is a great semiauto for those who desire low recoil but plenty of capacity. The pistol holds 30 rounds of 22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire cartridges in the magazine.”


The slide and barrel are made of 4140 steel housed in a 7075 aluminum frame. The grip, slide cover, trigger, mag release, and safety levers are glass-reinforced Zytel nylon, much like other Kel-Tec pistols.


Other features include dual opposing extractors, heel magazine release, dovetailed aluminum front sight, Picatinny accessory rail under the barrel, urethane recoil buffer, captive coaxial recoil springs. The PMR-30 disassembles for cleaning by removal of a single pin.


Woodard said, “We tested ten 22 WMR samples in the Kel-Tec for function and reliability and encountered no problems with any of the 10 brands. In a Handgun Bullet Test Tube, a Remington PSP cartridge punched 15 inches deep in overall penetration and created a 60-ml wound channel. That’s a lot of punch for a tiny cartridge.”


For more information on Gun Tests magazine, log on to www.gun-tests.com.


Hello from Kel-Tec!


During some back-end website work, we unintentionally severed a connection to our PayPal account.  The error has been corrected as of 11:00am 12/6/2011, however all PayPal orders placed between 12/1/2011 at around 2:00pm through 12/6/2011 at around 9:59am were not charged properly.  If you placed an order online using PayPal between these date ranges, you may have received a confirmation email, however the funds were never transferred and therefore the order was deleted. 


We urge any who placed orders within this window (using PayPal only) to check their PayPal accounts for any charges.  If there are no charges, then your order didn't process properly and you will need to re-order the items. 


We apologize for any inconvenience this causes and we assure you we are working to make sure everything on the website is functioning the way it is intended to!




Hello from Kel-Tec!


It has come to our attention that our SSL Security Certificate has expired. This was definitely an oversight on our part and we are working diligently to get this resolved. In the meantime, we certainly understand the hesitation to use our site for commerce and suggest ordering accessories via telephone (1-321-631-0068) if you would like to purchase anything. This does not mean our website is insecure, it just means we don't have an official certificate declaring it so, which of course would give everyone peace of mind. We should be able to get everything up and running smoothly here next week and we apologize for any inconvenience or distress this has caused anyone.




Hello again from Kel-Tec!


We wanted to take this time to remind everyone that, as with every year, Kel-Tec will be completely shut down for two weeks over the Holidays. This year will be from 12/24/11-1/08/12, returning to work January 9th.


IMPORTANT: Any orders placed during this 2 week period will NOT be processed until our return. We apologize for any inconvenience, but this is a decision the owner has decided to make so that all employees can spend quality time with their families over the Holidays.


ALSO IMPORTANT: Repairs received after 12/9/11 will NOT be returned before our return on 1/9/12. We strongly suggest that if a weapon is being considered for return to the factory for any sort of warranty service, that you wait until after our return to send it.


Thank you!


Just in time for the Holiday Season, Kel-Tec will be releasing some new stocking-stuffer accessories for the Kel-Tec shooter and fan.  Here’s an in-depth breakdown of some of the new accessories coming out. 


PF-9 +1 Grip Extension.  For our most popular firearm, the PF-9, we are set to release the PF-9-805, +1 Grip Extension, pictured below: 


PF-9 +1

  • The idea behind this accessory is to replace the PF-9 Magazine Base Plate with a two piece inter-locking grip extension, the PF-9-805. 
  • This “+1 Grip Extension” will increase the capacity of the PF-9 Magazine from seven rounds to eight rounds while simultaneously increasing the comfort of the grip for the shooter. 
  • The “+1 Grip Extension” will work on any existing PF-9 magazine and will be available in all standard colors Kel-Tec offers (black Zytel, Tan and OD Green Cerakote). 
  • The PF-9-805 will be sold as two different sets: 1) the PF-9-805, which will only include the two interlocking base plates (MSRP about $13.50 USD) and 2) the PF-9-808, which will be the two interlocking base plates already assembled on a seven round magazine, making an eight round magazine, (MSRP about $31.50 USD).
  • Release Date is October 24th, 2011.

RFB Picatinny Quad Rail.  Yep, it’s finally coming out, The RFB-420-QUAD RAIL SHORT, pictured below.


RFB Quad Rail

  • This Quad Rail will accept any accessories which mount with a standard MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny Rail attachment.
  • The Quad Rail is made from hard coat anodized 6061-T6 aluminum and is approximately three inches long.
  • The two scalloped cut-outs on the top of the Picatinny are to allow the shooter freedom to adjust the gas system if need be and allow the ejected casings to leave the ejection port.  The shooter should take caution with which accessories to mount on the left hand side of the weapon since this could block the ejection port.
  • MSRP of about $45 USD.
  • Release Date is October 24th, 2011.

RFB Riser:  The RFB-750-Riser is designed to either be used with the RFB QUAD RAIL as shown in some of the pictures below or on the normal rail provided:


RFB Riser

  • This is designed to allow the shooter to lengthen their sight radius on the RFB rifle approximately five more inches when using the Riser and Quad Rail combination.
  • The RFB Riser is made out of hard coat anodized 6061-T6 aluminum, similar to the RFB Quad Rail.
  • The RFB Riser will be sold as a two different sets: 1) As an individual part (MSRP of about $20 USD), and 2) As a set with the RFB QUAD RAIL (MSRP of about $60 USD).
  • Release Date is October 24th, 2011.

RFB Tactical Operating Handle:


Based off of the same design as the standard Charging Handle, the Tactical Operating Handle is designed for easier access, pictured below:


RFB Tactical Operating Handle

  • This Tactical Operating Handling is approximately 100% longer, approximately 20% wider, and has a stronger, wider scallop cut-out compared to the original charging handle.  The combination of these allow for easier and smoother operation of the carrier channel during a high stress situation. 
  • The Tactical Operating Handle will be sold as one assembled set, so the shooter can simply change out Operating Handles for different situations. 
  • MSRP of about $25 USD.
  • Release Date of October 17th, 2011.

RFB Muzzle Brake:  The RFB Triple Baffle Muzzle Brake is designed to replace the existing Flash Hider which comes standard on the RFB Rifle. 


RFB Muzzle Brake

  • This Muzzle Brake is designed to lessen the horizontal recoil and the vertical muzzle lift of the RFB by approximately 50%, when compared to the standard Flash Hider. 
  • The combination of these two will allow the shooter to re-gain their sight alignment quicker for follow-up shots.
  • The Muzzle Brake is machined from 4140 steel and parkerized. 
  • MSRP of about $50 USD.
  • Release Date of October 17th, 2011.



Hello from Kel-Tec!

We wanted to take a minute to update all of our Kel-Tec customers about what we term "second owner responsibilities" in regards to our lifetime warranty. Since the founding of Kel-Tec we've always had a lifetime warranty that technically applied to original owners only. We have never actually enforced this rule and would accept all Kel-Tec weapons under this lifetime warranty regardless of ownership.

As the years pass and more and more Kel-Tec weapons enter circulation, the cost of offering a blanket lifetime warranty increases drastically. To stave off some of these costs, we have officially decided to enforce our lifetime warranty, which applies only to the original owner of the firearm.

That said, all Kel-Tec owners may still enjoy great service, however if you are not the original owner we will ask that shipping be paid in addition to a flat $40.00 labor fee. Depending on the severity of the repair we may need to charge for parts as well. This applies only to those who are NOT the original owner of their weapon.

As a courtesy we have decided to grandfather those who have already been through the repair system as original owners. So if your weapon has already been in to us prior to this implementation, we will still treat you as the original owner even if you are not.

In order to prove original ownership we will need a copy of the bill of sale in the owner's name, or a copy of the form 4473 that was filled out with the firearm when it is sent in. Indication of the date of purchase must be included. If you have trouble obtaining these items, please call in to our customer service and we will see what can be done to help you.

As yet another courtesy, we may be able to reimburse up to $35.00 of shipping charges IF the difficulty can be duplicated by Kel-Tec (be sure you aren't limp-wristing before sending your weapon in) and the following criteria are met:

Shipping refund requests must be provided in writing, along with a copy of the original shipping receipt, and must accompany both the firearm and the bill of sale at the time of service. The firearm must meet Kel-Tec's criteria and be approved by the servicing gunsmith before eligibility will be considered.

Additionally, most FFL holders or licensed gunsmiths can ship a firearm back to the manufacturer via a US Mail one rate box for significantly less than a civilian can. We highly suggest going that route for sending weapons in as it is the least cost prohibitive.

If you have any questions please call our customer service at 321-631-0068 or 1-800-515-9983.